Package cc.mallet.fst

Class TransducerTrainer

    • Constructor Detail

      • TransducerTrainer

        public TransducerTrainer()
    • Method Detail

      • getTransducer

        public abstract Transducer getTransducer()
      • getIteration

        public abstract int getIteration()
      • isFinishedTraining

        public abstract boolean isFinishedTraining()
      • train

        public boolean train​(InstanceList trainingSet)
      • train

        public abstract boolean train​(InstanceList trainingSet,
                                      int numIterations)
        Train the transducer associated with this TransducerTrainer. You should be able to call this method with different trainingSet objects. Whether this causes the TransducerTrainer to combine both trainingSets or to view the second as a new alternative is at the discretion of the particular TransducerTrainer subclass involved.
      • runEvaluators

        protected void runEvaluators()
        This method should be called by subclasses whenever evaluators should be run. Do not worry too much about them being run too often, because the evaluators themselves can control/limit when they actually do their work with TransducerEvaluator.precondition().