Package cc.mallet.fst

Class ShallowTransducerTrainer

  • @Deprecated
    public class ShallowTransducerTrainer
    extends TransducerTrainer
    Use NoopTransducerTrainer instead
    Wraps around an already trained Transducer model.

    Use this class to pass to the *Evaluator.evaluateInstanceList when we don't have access to the *Trainer that was used to train the Transducer model.

    Gaurav Chandalia
    • Field Detail

      • transducer

        protected Transducer transducer
    • Constructor Detail

      • ShallowTransducerTrainer

        public ShallowTransducerTrainer​(Transducer transducer)
    • Method Detail

      • train

        public boolean train​(InstanceList trainingSet,
                             int numIterations)
        Description copied from class: TransducerTrainer
        Train the transducer associated with this TransducerTrainer. You should be able to call this method with different trainingSet objects. Whether this causes the TransducerTrainer to combine both trainingSets or to view the second as a new alternative is at the discretion of the particular TransducerTrainer subclass involved.
        Specified by:
        train in class TransducerTrainer