Class Noop

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    public class Noop
    extends Pipe
    A pipe that does nothing to the instance fields but which has side effects on the dictionary.
    Andrew McCallum
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    Serialized Form
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      • Noop

        public Noop()
      • Noop

        public Noop​(Alphabet dataDict,
                    Alphabet targetDict)
        Pass through input without change, but force the creation of Alphabet's, so it can be shared by future DictionariedPipe's. You might want to use this before ParallelPipes where the previous pipes do not need dictionaries, but later steps in each parallel path do, and they all must share the same dictionary.
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      • pipe

        public Instance pipe​(Instance carrier)
        Description copied from class: Pipe
        Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.
        pipe in class Pipe