Class FeatureVectorSequence2FeatureVectors

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    public class FeatureVectorSequence2FeatureVectors
    extends Pipe
    Given instances with a FeatureVectorSequence in the data field, break up the sequence into the individual FeatureVectors, producing one FeatureVector per Instance.
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      • FeatureVectorSequence2FeatureVectors

        public FeatureVectorSequence2FeatureVectors()
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      • newIteratorFrom

        public java.util.Iterator<Instance> newIteratorFrom​(java.util.Iterator<Instance> inputIterator)
        Description copied from class: Pipe
        Given an InstanceIterator, return a new InstanceIterator whose instances have also been processed by this pipe. If you override this method, be sure to check and obey this pipe's skipIfFalse(Instance) method.
        newIteratorFrom in class Pipe