Class Extraction

  • public class Extraction
    extends java.lang.Object
    The results of doing information extraction. This is designed to handle field extraction from a single document, or relation extraction and coreference from multiple documents;
    • Constructor Detail

      • Extraction

        public Extraction​(Extractor extractor,
                          LabelAlphabet dict)
        Creates an empty Extraction option. DocumentExtractions can be added later by the addDocumentExtraction method.
      • Extraction

        public Extraction​(Extractor extractor,
                          LabelAlphabet dict,
                          java.lang.String name,
                          Tokenization input,
                          Sequence output,
                          java.lang.String background)
        Creates an extration given a sequence output by some kind of per-sequece labeler, like an HMM or a CRF. The extraction will contain a single document.
    • Method Detail

      • addDocumentExtraction

        public void addDocumentExtraction​(DocumentExtraction docseq)
      • getRecord

        public Record getRecord​(int idx)
      • getNumRecords

        public int getNumRecords()
      • getNumDocuments

        public int getNumDocuments()
      • getExtractor

        public Extractor getExtractor()
      • getTargetRecord

        public Record getTargetRecord​(int docnum)
      • cleanFields

        public void cleanFields​(FieldCleaner cleaner)
      • print

        public void print​( writer)