Class GreedyAgglomerativeByDensity

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    public class GreedyAgglomerativeByDensity
    extends GreedyAgglomerative
    Greedily merges Instances until convergence. New merges are scored using NeighborEvaluator. Differs from GreedyAgglomerative in that one cluster is created at a time. That is, nodes are added to a cluster until convergence. Then, a new cluster is created from the remaining nodes. This reduces the number of comparisons from O(n^2) to O(nlg|n|).
    "Aron Culotta"
    See Also:
    GreedyAgglomerative, Serialized Form
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      • GreedyAgglomerativeByDensity

        public GreedyAgglomerativeByDensity​(Pipe instancePipe,
                                            NeighborEvaluator evaluator,
                                            double stoppingThreshold,
                                            boolean doPostConvergenceMerges,
                                            java.util.Random random)
        instancePipe - Pipe for each underying Instance.
        evaluator - To score potential merges.
        stoppingThreshold - Clustering converges when the evaluator score is below this value.
        doPostConvergenceMerges - If true, perform greedy agglomerative clustering on the clusters at the end of convergence. This may alleviate the greediness of the byDensity clustering algorithm.