Class MaxEntOptimizableByGE

    • Field Detail

      • cacheStale

        protected boolean cacheStale
      • defaultFeatureIndex

        protected int defaultFeatureIndex
      • temperature

        protected double temperature
      • objWeight

        protected double objWeight
      • cachedValue

        protected double cachedValue
      • gaussianPriorVariance

        protected double gaussianPriorVariance
      • cachedGradient

        protected double[] cachedGradient
      • parameters

        protected double[] parameters
      • classifier

        protected MaxEnt classifier
    • Constructor Detail

      • MaxEntOptimizableByGE

        public MaxEntOptimizableByGE​(InstanceList trainingList,
                                     java.util.ArrayList<MaxEntGEConstraint> constraints,
                                     MaxEnt initClassifier)
        trainingList - List with unlabeled training instances.
        constraints - Feature expectation constraints.
        initClassifier - Initial classifier.
    • Method Detail

      • setGaussianPriorVariance

        public void setGaussianPriorVariance​(double variance)
        Sets the variance for Gaussian prior or equivalently the inverse of the weight of the L2 regularization term.
        variance - Gaussian prior variance.
      • setTemperature

        public void setTemperature​(double temp)
        Model probabilities are raised to the power 1/temperature and renormalized. As the temperature decreases, model probabilities approach 1 for the maximum probability class, and 0 for other classes. DEFAULT: 1
        temp - Temperature.
      • setWeight

        public void setWeight​(double weight)
        The weight of GE term in the objective function.
        weight - GE term weight.
      • getClassifier

        public MaxEnt getClassifier()
      • getRegularization

        protected double getRegularization()
      • setParameter

        public void setParameter​(int index,
                                 double value)
        Specified by:
        setParameter in interface Optimizable