Interface QueueElement

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    AStarNode, SearchNode

    public interface QueueElement
    Created by IntelliJ IDEA. User: pereira Date: Jun 18, 2005 Time: 7:31:08 PM Queue elements have a priority, and a queue position. Lower-priority elements are closer to the front of the queue. The queue position is set by the queue implementation, and should not be changed outside the queue implementation.
    • Method Detail

      • getPriority

        double getPriority()
        Get this element's priority.
        the priority
      • setPriority

        void setPriority​(double priority)
        Set the priority of this element.
        priority - the element's new priority
      • getPosition

        int getPosition()
        Get the queue position of this element. If the element is not in a queue, the returned value is meaningless.
        the current position
      • setPosition

        void setPosition​(int pos)
        Set the current queue position for this element. This should only be called by a queue implementation.
        pos - the new position for the element