Class ProgressMessageLogFormatter

  • public class ProgressMessageLogFormatter
    extends java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter
    Format ProgressMessages destined for screen. Progress messages are repetitive messages, of which only the last one is generally of interest. Progress messages are a subclass of LogRecord, generated by a progressMessageLogger. When printing a progress message, we carriage return but supress the line-feed. If we get a message that is not a progressMessage, print it the same way PlainLogFormatter does. todo: capture the formatter that was on the console (usually a plainlogformatter) and defer to it when needed.
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      java.lang.String format​(java.util.logging.LogRecord record)  
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      • ProgressMessageLogFormatter

        public ProgressMessageLogFormatter()
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        public java.lang.String format​(java.util.logging.LogRecord record)
        format in class java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter