Class ConfidenceEvaluator

  • public class ConfidenceEvaluator
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfidenceEvaluator

        public ConfidenceEvaluator​(java.util.Vector confidences,
                                   int nBins)
      • ConfidenceEvaluator

        public ConfidenceEvaluator​(java.util.Vector confidences)
      • ConfidenceEvaluator

        public ConfidenceEvaluator​(Segment[] segments,
                                   boolean sorted)
    • Method Detail

      • pointBiserialCorrelation

        public double pointBiserialCorrelation()
        Correlation when one variable (X) is binary: r = (bar(x1) - bar(x0)) * sqrt(p(1-p)) / sx , where bar(x1) = mean of X when Y is 1 bar(x0) = mean of X when Y is 0 sx = standard deviation of X p = proportion of values where Y=1
      • getAveragePrecision

        public double getAveragePrecision()
        IR Average precision measure. Analogous to ranking _correct_ documents by confidence score.
      • getWorstAveragePrecision

        public double getWorstAveragePrecision()
        For comparison, rank segments as badly as possible (all "incorrect" before "correct").
      • getConfidenceSum

        public double getConfidenceSum()
      • getConfidenceMean

        public double getConfidenceMean()
      • getConfidenceStandardDeviation

        public double getConfidenceStandardDeviation()
        Standard deviation of confidence scores
      • correlation

        public double correlation()
        Calculate pearson's R for the corellation between confidence and correct, where 1 = correct and -1 = incorrect
      • getAccuracyCoverageValues

        public double[] getAccuracyCoverageValues()
        get accuracy at coverage for each bin of values
      • accuracyCoverageValuesToString

        public java.lang.String accuracyCoverageValuesToString()
      • getAccuracyRecallValues

        public double[][] getAccuracyRecallValues​(int totalTrue)
        get accuracy at recall for each bin of values
        totalTrue - total number of true Segments
        2-d array where values[i][0] is coverage and values[i][1] is accuracy at position i.
      • accuracyRecallValuesToString

        public java.lang.String accuracyRecallValuesToString​(int totalTrue)
      • accuracyAtCoverage

        public double accuracyAtCoverage​(double cov)
      • numCorrectAtCoverage

        public int numCorrectAtCoverage​(double cov)
      • getAverageAccuracy

        public double getAverageAccuracy()
      • numCorrect

        public int numCorrect()
      • getAverageIncorrectConfidence

        public double getAverageIncorrectConfidence()
        Average confidence score for the incorrect entities
      • getAverageCorrectConfidence

        public double getAverageCorrectConfidence()
        Average confidence score for the incorrect entities
      • size

        public int size()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object