Interface MaxEntPRConstraint

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    MaxEntFLPRConstraints, MaxEntL2FLPRConstraints

    public interface MaxEntPRConstraint
    Interface for expectation constraints for use with Posterior Regularization (PR).
    Gregory Druck
    • Method Detail

      • numDimensions

        int numDimensions()
      • getScore

        double getScore​(FeatureVector input,
                        int label,
                        double[] parameters)
      • incrementExpectations

        void incrementExpectations​(FeatureVector fv,
                                   double[] dist,
                                   double weight)
      • getAuxiliaryValueContribution

        double getAuxiliaryValueContribution​(double[] parameters)
      • getCompleteValueContribution

        double getCompleteValueContribution()
      • getGradient

        void getGradient​(double[] parameters,
                         double[] gradient)
      • zeroExpectations

        void zeroExpectations()
        Zero expectation values. Called before re-computing gradient.
      • preProcess

        java.util.BitSet preProcess​(InstanceList data)
        data - Unlabeled data
        Returns a bitset of the size of the data, with the bit set if a constraint feature fires in that instance.
      • preProcess

        void preProcess​(FeatureVector input)
        Gives the constraint the option to do some caching using only the FeatureVector. For example, the constrained input features could be cached.
        input - FeatureVector input